"I know a gentleman who was such a good manager of his time that he didn't even want to waste that small portion of it unless the needs of nature

nature requesting an appropriate place; but even in those moments, he was gradually reviewing all the Latin Poets.”

4th Earl of Chesterfield


The bathroom is the place where we take care of ourselves, where we make ourselves beautiful, where we read our favorite books and where we carefully check the status of our physical decay. We like to think that this area of the house has the right attention: the choice of materials and finishes are an aesthetic and daily management factor. The bathroom must be well designed, easy to keep tidy and clean. Let’s make sure not to create unreachable corners: passing a vacuum cleaner or a simple mop must not become an acrobatic operation.

Every element, every single detail, every surface, every geometry chosen must work well and for a long time. As for other rooms in the house, we imagine a harmonious place, with colors capable of giving us wellness, with correct lighting, preferably adjustable. And if we have the space, let's put a small bookcase, with a couple of art prints. Is it not the first place which welcomes us every morning?

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